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JokerZ 24% THCA Flower
JokerZ 24% THCA Flower
JokerZ 24% THCA Flower
JokerZ 24% THCA Flower
JokerZ 24% THCA Flower
JokerZ 24% THCA Flower
JokerZ 24% THCA Flower

    JokerZ 24% THCA Flower

    $35.00 $45.00

    Prepare to be captivated by JokerZ THCA Flower, a prestigious Indica-dominant hybrid that promises an exceptional and well-rounded experience. Born from the remarkable union of White Runtz and Jet Fuel Gelato, this strain has earned its place among the finest. JokerZ 24% THCA Flower buds are a visual masterpiece, boasting density, compactness, and a rich tapestry of vibrant colors. With deep shades of green and purple complemented by bursts of orange pistils and a generous blanket of white trichomes, JokerZ 24% THCA Flower is a true work of art.

    • 100% Organic THC-A Flower.
    • No additives, no cutting agents, no pesticides.
    • Ships In Hermetically Sealed Bag to Preserve Freshness.
    • 3rd Party Lab Tested for quality and legal compliance.
    • Cultivated In Portland, Oregon.
    • Federal Farm Bill Compliant.


    • THCa: 23.31%
    • CBDa: 0.07%
    • CBGa: 0.61%
    • CBG: 0.10%
    • СВС: 0.08%
    • Δ9-THC: 0.28%
    • Total: 24.35%

    JokerZ 24% THCA Flower: The Award-Winning Indica-Dominant Marvel

    A Feast for the Eyes: Visual Excellence JokerZ 24% THCA Flower is a visual spectacle, with its dense and compact buds showcasing a mesmerizing palette of colors. Deep greens and rich purples form the backdrop, accentuated by vibrant bursts of orange pistils. A generous layer of white trichomes glistens like frost, indicating the strain's potency and quality. It's a strain that not only delights your senses but also draws you in with its sheer beauty.

    Sensory Delight: Aroma and Taste Sensation One of the standout features of JokerZ is its captivating aroma. It emits a symphony of scents that are sweet, earthy, and floral, often reminiscent of tropical fruits and citrus, with a subtle hint of pepper spiciness. When it comes to taste, JokerZ 24% THCA Flower delights the palate with sweet, fruity, and earthy flavors, punctuated by spicy and floral highlights. The taste experience is known for its smoothness and overall enjoyability, making it a true sensory delight.

    Why Choose JokerZ 24% THCA Flower?

    • Award-Winning Lineage: JokerZ is a distinguished cross between White Runtz and Jet Fuel Gelato, resulting in a strain that's truly exceptional.
    • Visual Masterpiece: Buds are a visual delight, with vibrant colors and a thick trichome coating.
    • Captivating Aroma: Enjoy an alluring aroma that combines sweetness, earthiness, and floral notes, with hints of tropical fruits and citrus.
    • Complex Flavor Profile: Savor a multi-layered taste experience with sweet, fruity, earthy, spicy, and floral notes, offering a smooth and enjoyable journey.

    Elevate your cannabis experience with JokerZ 24% THCA Flower. Immerse yourself in its prestigious lineage, savor its captivating aroma, and delight in the multifaceted flavors that dance on your tongue. Whether you're an experienced connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of cannabis, JokerZ promises a remarkable and well-rounded experience that's sure to leave a lasting impression. Indulge in the marvel of JokerZ today.


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