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Say Hello to Organic CBD Pre-Rolls

CBD Prerolls Won't Get You High


That’s right! CBD pre-rolls are a take on the traditional joint but with pure hemp flower (less than 0.2% THC) instead of marijuana. So, just like all other CBD products, these won’t get you high, but they will help you feel better.


Looking for a new way to medicate? Look no further. These pre rolls are made with the highest-quality hemp flowers, not trimmings or shake, and are expertly processed into some of the cleanest CBD flower on the market. Snag this pack today and save on your favorite selection.


Ideal Plus Organic CBD Prerolls


Our CBD pre-rolls are the perfect introduction to the world of CBD use. Each 1.4-gram pre roll is made with pure premium hemp flower that has 32% of total cannabinoids (highest CBD potency on market) and less than 0.2% THC to deliver a potent dose of CBD while avoiding the sore throat and dry eyes associated with smoking marijuana. Our CBD pre rolls are made with 32% CBD, and we roll them in a small batch to make sure they're always fresh. With its familiar appearance and smooth smoking experience, CBD pre-rolls make it easy to get your daily dosage of CBD while providing benefits that could improve your quality of life.


Ideal Plus Organic CBD Prerolls offer uplifting effects that make you feel calm, without making your mind feel hazy or disconnected.

Smokers are loving our pre-rolls, because, after their first few puffs, they feel a full-body vibe that has been likened to a "euphoric lift" that doesn't alter your mental state or make you paranoid. Talk about natural. With the CBD Preroll, you're getting the benefits of cannabis without the high. It also doesn't take long before it kicks in—really, just a couple of minutes. Time for a puff?


Smoking CBD Prerolls is an easy way to get the benefits of whole plant medicine into your bloodstream. The hemp used for this product comes from Oregon, where it's grown organically without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Each pre-roll contains 1.4g of hemp-derived CBD, which creates a potent, natural body high that can help take the edge off the day.


CBD pre-rolls are the easiest way to enjoy high-quality CBD in an instant. Simply light one up, listen to some music, chill out, and become mesmerized with your thoughts, stress-free.


Ideal Plus CBD Preroll Process


We've taken our potent pre-rolls and infused CBD into them because we believe that the combination of these two powerful forces creates the best way to enjoy CBD. These pre-rolls are filled with high-quality CBD flowers of up to 32%CBD. There is no flavoring added. The feeling you'll get from a pre-roll is a full-body buzz that doesn't feel like getting high but doesn't feel like anything. You will be relaxed and ready for bed or school or work (or playing Call of Duty). Each and every one of our pre-rolls is with a cannabis concentrate called CBD (cannabidiol). CBD is non-psychoactive and provides relief from ailments such as insomnia, depression, allergies, inflammation, and more. 



Smoking CBD Prerolls - Faster than other CBD forms


It's time to replace your ordinary joints with Smoking CBD Prerolls. Smoking is the most bioavailable way to get CBD into your bloodstream, so you'll feel the benefits of a pre-roll almost immediately. Our pre rolls are formulated specifically to be smoked. When you're feeling stressed, or very tired take a hit of one of these pre-rolled joints!


It Is Legal!


CBD Pre Rolls are legal in all fifty states Though CBD oils and hemp CBD oils extracted from Hemp plants are technically legal, some states have created their own rules about where these products can be sold. We put together this handy guide to help you understand the different laws and what each state is doing with their interpretation of the recent farm bill in our news section.