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Does Cbd Oil Show Up On a Drug Test?

What Is CBD?

CBD is the short form of cannabidiol, a chemical compound. It is one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis. The effects of CBD oil are due to its ability to interact with receptors, including serotonin receptors and adenosine receptors in the brain. Let's take a look at how it works and whether or not it will show up on a drug test. 


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive component in marijuana. CBD oil does not have THC, so it is a cannabidiol alternative for people who want the pain-relieving properties of cannabis without the high typically associated with marijuana use. People who suffer from insomnia, anxiety or depression may also benefit from CBD oil. CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants. It has no psychoactive effects and will not show up on a drug test. In fact, because CBD oil can be ingested through an oil tincture or by vaping, you can even purchase it legally online. 


However, if you are subject to drug testing for your job or for legal reasons, you should know that CBD oil will most likely show up on a drug test as a trace amount of THC. The primary source of CBD in the hemp plant is stalks and stems


Does CBD Oil Show Up on a Drug Test?


No, it doesn't. CBD is a derivative of the cannabis plant and does not contain THC, which is the compound that gives marijuana users a high. CBD has been used for medicinal purposes throughout history and is currently being researched for its effectiveness as a treatment for several ailments ranging from anxiety, to epilepsy and even cancer. Indeed, CBD oil is still a new product, but it has been used safely for hundreds of years. 


The World Health Organization has not yet made any official recommendation about its use, but it will likely be available by prescription in the near future. Because of its non-psychoactive properties, many people interested in using CBD oil have been asking this question – does CBD oil show up on a drug test? – because they want to be able to use it without fear of being tested positive for THC or other illegal substances. There are two main ways a person can be tested – urinalysis and blood tests – so let's take a look at how these tests work and whether or not there is any possible way that you could test positive for THC after taking CBD oil.


Can CBD Oil Show on Drug Screen Process?


There are many different things that can show up on a drug test. The most common one is THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. However, several other factors can show up on a drug screen and cause confusion between CBD Isolate Oil and CBD Broad Spectrum Oil. 


CBD Isolate Oil VS. CBD Broad Spectrum Oil


Unlike pure CBD Isolate Oil with no trace of THC the CBD Broad Spectrum Oil is tricky because it is derived from marijuana plants but lacks the THC factor that causes a "high" feeling. Many people use CBD oil for its therapeutic effects to help with various conditions. CBD oil has been shown to reduce seizures, help with anxiety, inflammation and pain relief. It is also used for improving sleep quality and reducing stress levels. CBD oil is used for a wide variety of ailments other than just epilepsy which means a drug test may not pick it up unless it is specifically looking for cannabinoids from marijuana plants.


Using Broad Spectrum Oil might leave a trace of THC in your body. A typical drug screen will test for THC, not CBD. Even though this product does not produce any high feeling or impairment of your motor skills, all employers want employees to be productive and safe during work hours. This is why they test for these substances among their employees before hiring them.


Is CBD Legal?


CBDis legal in all fifty states Though CBD oils and hemp CBD oils extracted from Hemp plants are technically legal, some states have created their own rules about where these products can be sold. We put together this handy guide to help you understand the different laws and what each state is doing with their interpretation of the recent farm bill in our news section.